A Jewish nursing home allowed a man to use its bathroom. The interloper attacked a resident.


(JTA) — A man shouting a Jewish slur attacked the resident of a New York City Jewish nursing home after trying to rob him.

The alleged attacker, Alen Califano, 41, of Yonkers, New York, was allowed in the New Jewish Home in the Bronx on Saturday afternoon after telling the security guard he needed to use the bathroom.

But Califano entered the room of a resident, where he lit a marijuana cigarette and trashed the room, according to the New York Post. He then entered the room of an 84-year-old Jewish man and demanded his money before hitting him with a fire extinguisher. He also shouted, “I’m going to kill you, you mother f***ing Jew,” according to the report.

Califano was charged with robbery, burglary, a hate crime, assault, criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana, police told WNBC TV.

The nursing home fired the security guard, who was recently hired.

The victim reportedly spent Sunday, his birthday, with his family.

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