Questions Story Placement


Your Editor’s Note — pointing out that Nathan Jeffay’s mocking Jan. 26 “Letter From Israel” column (“Pence Speech A Salve To The Israeli Right”) is more “interpretive” than “straight news” — is crucial information for readers.

However, readers also need to be informed that it was Jewish Week editors who placed Jeffay’s piece prominently on the front page and who wrote the problematic headline, sub-headline and caption: “Pence’s Speech: A Salve To The Israeli Right,” “Knesset homily, a boon for annexationists” and “Sermon on the Knesset Mount.”

So Jewish Week editors also need to take their share of responsibility for what Lois Tilton’s letter fairly described as “snarky commentary” and a “double standard for Israel” (“Unfair Editorializing,” Feb. 2). Equally disturbing was Jeffay neglecting to inform readers that Al Gore and Bill Clinton had addressed the Knesset with even stronger “sermons on the mount.”

With so many talented journalists and analysts on Israel, readers of the Jewish newspaper of record deserve better, much better.