What’s in a sock’s name? Polish company pulls Adolf following complaint by Auschwitz museum.


(JTA) — A Polish sock company changed the name of one of its products from Adolf following a complaint from the Auschwitz museum.

Adolf, one of the Nanushki company’s novelty designs described as a “businessman,” was changed to Patrick late last week, The Jerusalem Post reported. The sock features black hair and a toothbrush-style mustache.

The description of the renamed sock reads: “A broker, financier, businessman and philanthropist. He buys, builds and balances. Always on the plus side, because in life there is no time for free cars and unsuccessful investments. He definitely does not like to talk about his past, though in the depths of his cotton soul he longs for a time when everything was simpler and he would rather not give up his place in the ranking of the hundred richest socks.”

The company told The Jerusalem Post that the product was meant to be a “satirical and ironic character,” but that it changed the name after being contacted by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum because it did not want to offend anyone.

Other sock styles include Hungry Harry, which shows a chubby boy eating cookies and candies; Albert, which resembles Albert Einstein on one side and a very long equation on the other; and Miguel, which features a dark-skinned Mexican man on one side and cactuses on the other.


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