Is Israel in a precarious place? Tel Aviv display expresses one artist’s feelings.


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A political art installation placed on display overnight in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square shows an Israeli flag leaning to the side and about to fall over.

The installation that appeared on Monday morning reportedly is meant to signify Israel’s current precarious position, the artist told Israeli media.

The art installation “expresses what everyone feels, as well as the current state of the country,” Itay Zalait, 37, said in a statement.

“The flag is not in its proper and upright state, but in an interim situation: some of the citizens feel that everything is good, it has never been better. There is security, a strong economy. There are no traffic jams,” Zalait said. “Others recognize that we are on the verge of collapse. Everyone can decide how he is facing the disturbing situation, what his responsibility is, and what he can do in order to change it.”

Israel’s flag is “only falling according to certain parts of society which are not prepared to accept the decision of the voter,” Culture Minister Miri Regev said in a post on Facebook. “This is a cheap and outrageous political provocation of left-wing circles for which the existence of a right-wing government is a day of mourning.

“We will continue to proudly carry the flag and honor it.”

In December 2016, Zalait erected a golden statue of Netanyahu in Rabin Square that was later knocked down by Israeli bystanders.

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