Bolton Under Scrutiny


I was surprised about what I see as a major omission in Ron Kampeas’ enumerations of the vetting issues relevant to whether or not John Bolton should become the next national security advisor. (“Jews Watching Bolton Like A Hawk,” March 30)

Mr. Bolton is the subject of two FBI investigations involving illegal campaign contributions in the 2014 midterm elections and for possible funneling of Russian money to the NRA.

The special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, is currently focusing on a company called Cambridge Analytica, whose parent company, SCL, is owned by Robert Mercer, one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Bolton’s PAC seems to have made excessive, unreported contributions to Sen Thom Tillis’ campaign in 2014. Bolton’s PAC was funded by Cambridge Analytica.

Bolton was in Russia in 2013 at a round table for Russian gun rights. Developing a market for the NRA?

This information, and more, has come from the testimony in Britain of the former director of research at Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wyle. Wyle is the gentleman who revealed to the world the theft of personal data from 87 million Facebook accounts, which were used to develop psychographic profiles of potential voters in the U.S. More than one Republican campaign has used this data to target ads and other resources to win elections.

There is much more to this evolving story. Suffice it to say that an individual suspected of participating in these schemes to undermine elections in the U.S. might be lacking the character to be appointed to one of the most important positions in our government. Add the other material in Mr. Kampeas’ article, and I’d say it doesn’t look good.