Prominent Ukrainian rabbi inaugurates prayer for Trump’s success


(JTA) — The rabbi of Ukraine’s largest synagogue inaugurated a prayer for the success of President Donald Trump in defending Israel and the United States.

Rabbi Moshe Azman, one of Ukraine’s chief rabbis, announced the prayer on Thursday on the website of this congregation, which based at the Brodsky Synagogue in the capital Kiev.

It reads: “He who blessed our forfathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who paved the way through the sea and in the mighty waters of Netiva, He will bless and raise the President of the United Stated of America, Donald J. Trump, who with G-d’s help will do everything possible to protect the Land of Israel and the United States of America. Let the luck be in his actions and let the peace be among the nations, and we will say Amen.”

Calling Trump a “a sincere friend of Israel and Ukraine,” Azman in a statement called “on all members of our community, all Jews of Kiev and Ukraine to say additional prayer for the success of Donald Trump.”

He wrote this was connected to “the historic decision of the US president to break the shameful nuclear deal with Iran,” and in connection with the upcoming transfer of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The inauguration of Azman’s prayer for Donald Trump was done in consultation with other Jewish faith leaders there and does not necessarily represent their position, Alexander Dukhovny, the leader of the Religious Association of Communities of Progressive Judaism of Ukraine and the Reform chief Rabbi of Kiev, told JTA.

“But it’s absolutely Rabbi Azman’s right to do so, there is nothing wrong with it, as many Jewish communities in the Diaspora feature prayers for the success of political leaders and heads of state,” Dukhovny said. “If he thinks these blessings can help promote peace, then why not. It’s certainly better than curses.”

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