Raising Questions


Comprehensive Jewish Week coverage also raises important questions.

Yes, it is disgraceful that “Hamas Thwarts Humanitarian Efforts” (Editorial, May 25). But isn’t it also disgraceful for Hamas to use their Palestinian civilians as suicide soldiers and for the media to shift the blame to Israelis defending their border against self-declared killers?

Since there only seems to be concern for the lives of Palestinians when Israel is involved — the 3,600 massacred in Syria, 23 in March, are totally ignored — are the Palestinians being “used” as a vehicle for demonizing Israel in the new anti-Semitism? And even though the Oslo Accords ended any occupation for 90 percent of the Palestinians who have been living on their own land under their own elected leaders for 22 years, why are we allowing attacks on Israel’s legitimacy as “occupiers” and “apartheid” via BDS to flourish, especially on campus?

How about The Jewish Week leading us in taking on those who demonize Israel even as we press for our legitimate interests, such as her recognition of our non-Orthodox movements?