Wrong Time, Wrong Reasons


The opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem is a classic example of the right action being taken at the wrong time, by the wrong people, and for the wrong reasons. (“Trump Makes Good On His Promise,” Editorial, May 18).

With the two-state solution in jeopardy and negotiations having broken down completely, this move could only adversely affect efforts to minimize violence and advance a peaceful outcome for Israel. President Trump is not acting in the interests of Israel: his identification with far-right neo-Nazis and use of anti-Semitic imagery and themes show he is not a true friend of the Jewish people. The pastors who took part in the proceedings are far-right and have their own evangelical agenda.

Trump is trying to play to his evangelical base, and all his geopolitical moves are aimed at increasing his business opportunities, as in the Middle East. Jews should not fall for this act as a sign of friendship for us; it was not in the best interests of Israel at this time.