Divorce And Abortion Very Different


Let me understand this: Beatrice Kahn, in her proud stance of being pro-abortion, is comparing the battle for women to obtain a divorce to the “right” to have an abortion (“Faith And Women’s Access To Abortion,” Opinion, June 29).

Firstly, Jewish law (halacha) has always made it possible for a woman to get a divorce.

Secondly, a divorce is sought because at least one of the parties is suffering. In an abortion, a life is taken away that would have existed had there not been an intervention by someone other than the life being developed.

Who is any of us [to be] allowed to decide who shall continue development to birth, to interrupt what would be a live baby? Yes, it is their body, but there is someone else forming inside of them. If more women felt that way, they would not have sex without strong birth control.