From Real Estate Gold to Hollywood Gold


Steve Gold says the key to his success is that he’s learned to role with the punches. Of course it helps when you have big arms, a big heart and a huge resume to back it up. The 33-year-old, who stars on Bravo’s hit show “Million Dollar Listing NY” sold more than $500 million of real estate with Town Residential. But things took a turn when Town unexpectedly closed up shop in the middle of a potential $141 million sellout of Circa Central Park, a 38-unit building on 285 West 100th Street.

“I was kind of put into fight or flight mode,” Gold told The Jewish Week by phone.

Almost immediately, one of the most eligible Jewish bachelors in Manhattan also became one of the most sough after real estate agents. People came out of the woodwork, he told The Jewish Week, with offers coming in from investors to bankroll his own firm. He needed to make a quick decision and ultimately joined The Corcoran Group, which he says is the best place he could have landed.

Gold is now working hard on Circa and said he now has a contract out on one apartment that will be record breaking.

“Circa overlooking Central Park, it’s really is a one of a kind building with the views and with Central Park in full bloom,” he said. “People are really resonating with it.”

The appeal of the show is largely due to its mix of reality show, combined with the ‘American Dream’—however Hollywoodized. But it’s the real estate agents’ magnetic personalities that really drive the show. Fredrik Eklund, Gold’s co-star on the show, has supreme energy and charm. Another star, Ryan Serhant, is a charismatic master motivator. During the course of the show, Gold found his niche as unflappable leader, channeling what might be described by the show’s millennial fans as ‘zen vibes’ who shows that nice guys can finish first.

“I don’t think you have to be mean to sell real-estate, Gold said. “I’ve always killed people with kindness. I think it’s a competitive environment and I think in certain circumstances one could be construed as mean. But… it’s like any game, like any competition, at the end of the day you shake hands and some people win, some people lose.”

Asked about his connection to Judaism, Gold said it plays a big part in his life.

“I’m very proud of my background and my heritage,” Gold said. “I went to Hebrew Day School for my childhood. I was Bar-Mitzvahed. Some of my most cherished childhood memories are around the Passover Seder table reading the Haggadah together and Chanukah.”

He shares a close relationship with his parents and touts their 40-year happy marriage as his inspiration for romantic relationships. What is one of New York City’s most eligible bachelor’s looking for in a wife?

“A nice Jewish girl to take home,” he said, adding that he is looking for someone who complements him, supports him and is equally determined.

When he is not closing deals, the former model enjoys playing basketball. He hopes to thwose some hoops with LeBron James one day. He might be victorious, he said, if the game’s rules were adapted slightly — if, for example, one basket equals a win, he joked.

How does he stay stress-free with a hectic schedule and the shows tapings?

The key is getting enough sleep, Gold said, and not letting stress have power over you. And he lives by this motto, taking things in stride. In one episode, he jumps on a Citibike when he’s running late and thinks he won’t make it to a showing.

“When I first started, each deal was so important that if it didn’t work out I would beat myself up and get discouraged,” he said. “Those losses early on can be discouraging. What I learned is that you always have to be looking forward. You can always learn from those losses and do better. If you learn how to roll with the punches and let it roll off you and just move on to the next deal, you’re gonna fly.”

“Million Dollar Listing NY” airs Tuesday night at 10 p.m on Bravo.