The Dangers Of Atheism


Scott Shay is an eloquent, philanthropic, thoughtful spokesman for Modern Orthodoxy.

I would respond to Steve Lipman’s review of Shay’s new, well-written and researched book, “In Good Faith” (“The Case For Belief In A Skeptical World,” Oct. 26), by focusing on the author’s key point — namely, that we beware of the ever-present dangers of idolatry’s modern form.

Making the reader aware of the danger leads one to what I think are the book’s central questions: Is a religious life the necessary and sufficient response to this new idolatry? Should we not be asking rather about the good and bad uses of religion itself?

Perhaps these questions are easier to answer than whether God does or does not exist. Reason alone will never convince the non-believer to change his ideas.

It is easier to preach to the choir than to those standing outside the church. I hope that this valuable book will be read by more than those of us who are already in the choir.