Israeli machine that pulls water out of air sent to northern California


(JTA) — An Israeli machine that can pull water out of the air was sent to northern California to provide clean drinking water for police and firefighters battling the Camp Fire.

On Sunday, officials announced that the fire had been brought 100 percent under control. At least 85 people were killed and more than 200 are still reported missing in the fire that burned for 17 days and destroyed more than 153,000 acres north of Sacramento, including 17,000 building structures. Thousands are living in emergency shelters and hotels.

The atmospheric water generator called the GEN-350, produced by the company Watergen USA, can produce up to 156 gallons of water per day and is transportable. It is carried by an emergency response vehicle, which is equipped with a generator and charging stations.

“Providing the police and firefighters with the basic necessity of drinking water allows them to serve and help for longer periods of time,” said Ed Russo, CEO of Watergen USA.

“If we can help relieve the burden by providing them with clean water, that is something that we will most definitely do,” said Yehuda Kaploun, president of Watergen USA.

Watergen’s initiative to provide clean drinking water around the world earned the company its place on the World Economic Forum’s list of the world’s top technology pioneers in 2018.

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