Misguided Medal


Upon reading your endorsement of Miriam Adelson for the honor of Medal of Freedom, I felt compelled to respond (“A Rare Spotlight On Miriam Adelson,” Editorial, Nov. 16).

To compare her achievements to Oprah Winfrey, or others who have been honored, is absurd. Like it or not, Oprah has the most recognized face in the country and hosted a show watched by tens of millions of people for decades.

For the president to honor Adelson with this award for the sole reason that she and her husband donated tens of millions of dollars to the Republican Party not only cheapens the value of it, but demeans the legacy of the past honorees.

That this newspaper paper fell for this charade, and indeed endorses it, is astonishing.

Neponsit, Queens

Editor’s Note: To be clear, we did not endorse the award; we noted that in addition to being a major contributor to President Trump and the Republican Party, Dr. Adelson has had a distinguished career in advancing medical treatment for drug addiction.