Trump: Bad For American Jews


Many Jews voted for Donald Trump because “he’s good for Israel” (“Reframing Support For Israel As Midterms Loom,” Oct. 26). Many Jews still supported him after he called racists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “fine people.” Many Jews continued to support him when he promoted completely unfounded conspiracy theories that George Soros, a Jew and Holocaust survivor, funded the recent caravan of immigrants.

So far he hasn’t condemned the anti-Semitic groups that spawn murderers like the mass murderer in Pittsburgh. Instead, he has called himself a “nationalist,” a term the white nationalists interpret as support for them; spews out dangerous theories about “globalists,” long a code word for Jews; and again attacks and blames the press, which anti-Semites say is controlled by Jews, for sowing disunity and is “an enemy of the people.”

I love Israel, but I live here. I am 68 years old. I have never before now been afraid to be a Jew in America. I’m not sure if Trump is “good for Israel.” But I know Trump is bad for American Jews.

Portsmouth, R.I.