Democrats Losing Pro-Israel Voters


As a lifelong Scoop Jackson-type of Democrat, I have watched the party veer to the left (“Leaders Confronting Extremists In Congress,” Nov. 16). The party leaders, rather than pushing back against these socialists, anarchists and the growing number of anti-Semites who have made this party their home, cower in fear worrying only about their positions of power rather than the well-being of the party and this country.

The left has infiltrated and begun to destroy the party like [Jeremy] Corbyn in England, who many British Jews believe has turned the Labour Party into an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel party. No Republican who stands with David Duke or the Holocaust deniers is given succor or support by the Republican Party. They are denied aid from the party and the Republicans even tell their people to vote for the Democratic Party instead.

Unless the Democrats reject their new base, they will veer further left. Unless the leadership of the party stands up and vocally rejects its anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups and individuals, many Jews like me will be leaving the party.