JTA Twitter 50: Harry Enten


Harry Enten@ForecasterEnten

Harry Enten is a prominent political and election forecast wonk, in the mold of Nate Silver. In fact, he’s Silver’s disciple of sorts — Enten was one of the first people to work for Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website in 2013 when it moved to ESPN. Enten joined CNN in 2018.

His Twitter followers look to him mainly for two things: analysis of poll data, and humorous references to his Jewishness.

The latter informs the former, and Enten, who hails from Riverdale in New York’s Bronx borough, is known for being more enjoyable — and often more comprehensible — than the average numbers analyst.

So if you’re looking to add a little Jewishness to your future pre-election poll freakout sessions, Enten is your guy.

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