JTA Twitter 50: Mayim Bialik


Mayim Bialik – @missmayim

Mayim Bialik still wears many hats, despite having long left behind the iconic ones she wore while starring in the 1990s TV show “Blossom.”

Most know the actress these days as Dr. Amy Farrah Fawler from the hit show “The Big Bang Theory,” but in real life she has a doctorate in neuroscience, runs her own site, Groknation, and is a best-selling author. On Twitter, Bialik shares everything from behind-the-scenes pictures with her co-stars, to political opinions and calls to action, to reviews about recent shows and movies.

She’s also remarkably candid about her Jewish identity. Bialik was raised Reform (she is related to Israel’s national poet, Chayim Nachman Bialik) but now identifies as “aspiring modern Orthodox.” She posts on all things Jewish, ranging from holiday preparation to her son’s bar mitzvah to Jewish jokes.

Bialik also frequently airs thoughts on dressing modestly, and courted controversy with a New York Times op-ed about modesty in the era of Harvey Weinstein.

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