JTA Twitter 50: Molly Yeh


Molly Yeh – @mollyyeh

There are few corners of Twitter where one can find photos as immaculate and delicious-looking as the ones on chef and food blogger Molly Yeh’s feed. There are also few corners of social media where one can find so many trendy, unique and millennial takes on Jewish food culture.

Yeh (pronounced “yay,” as she likes to point out), 30, was born to a Chinese father and Jewish mother, and moved to a farm in North Dakota to live with her husband after growing up near Chicago and attending school in New York. She often explores her multifaceted identity through her photogenic creations, which offer a window into farm life and Jewish culture (see her Scallion Pancake Challah or one of the many recipes that uses rhubarb and other ingredients plucked from her backyard).

Jewish — especially Israeli — flavors and dishes take center stage. Yeh told JTA in 2017 that she is obsessed with hummus and tahini, and she works them into her recipes whenever possible.

Shakshuka and shawarma are recurring themes in her repertoire, too.

Yeh’s bubbly internet-friendly personality (evident throughout her award-winning blog) combined with her creative talents have gained her a huge following on Twitter and beyond, and she now has her own Food Network show, “Girl Meets Farm.” We will eat – and tweet – to that.

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