JTA Twitter List: Bari Weiss


Bari Weiss@bariweiss

Mention Bari Weiss at Shabbat dinner and you’re sure to get impassioned responses. The New York Times opinion editor frequently criticizes what she sees as groupthink and a lack of intellectual openness on the left on topics ranging from sexual harassment to cultural appropriation to anti-Semitism.

Some see her as a welcome and fresh voice on to The Times’ predominantly liberal opinion pages. Others say that she’s guilty of the very thing she criticizes, especially restrictions on unpopular ideas. For example, Weiss made a name for herself as a student at Columbia University by leading a campaign against professors she claimed were anti-Israel.

On Twitter, her feed is a mix of political commentary, news and tweets about Judaism.

She frequently shares articles by fellow New York Times writer Bret Stephens, a Jewish colleague since their days at The Wall Street Journal.

After the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh — the site of her former Jewish community, where she was bat mitzvahed — Weiss wrote and tweeted about it from an insider’s perspective.

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