Too Easy On The New York Times


In “Speaking Unfairly For Dr. King” (editorial, Jan. 25), there are many issues you failed to mention in your tepid reaction to The New York Times’ “Break the Silence on Palestine” op-ed by Michelle Alexander. While you opine that Ms. Alexander added “more noise but little insight, doubly so because of her unfortunate invoking of Dr. King,” you did not use her comparison to express outrage that she should fantasize that she has some moral equivalency with the late civil rights leader.

You criticize Ms. Alexander that “the conflict remains one of the world’s most complex, but Ms. Alexander sees only one culprit: an immoral, uncaring Israel.” There is no complexity as to why Ms. Alexander has only “one culprit”; it is simple, as that is a clear definition of anti-Semitism. Yes, such a myopic view of the conflict and seeing only one side is just too classically the sign of a bigot that it is hard to evade contemplating that comparison.

Your editorial was too kind to the malevolence expressed by Ms. Alexander and you totally failed to implicate The New York Times.

Englewood, N.J.