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Mary Poppins’ Return — CPA prepares nanny’s taxes

Black Landsman — Ethiopian Jews are reunited in Israel

Bahamian Rhapsody — Woman falls for a man with no manners

The FavOUrite — The OU is voted most popular hashgacha

Greenhorn Book — Jewish immigrants are documented at Ellis Island

Aroma — The smell of kiddush fills a shul

A Jewish Star Is Born — How the Magen David was designed

Weiss — Remake of “Vice” without the Jewish accents

At Maternity’s Gate — Woman gives birth outside hospital

If Meryl Streep Could  Talk — Actress takes a vow of silence

Cold Warm — Jewish couple’s rocky relationship

Ralph Breaks the Pitum — Man drops his esrog during Sukkos

Can You Ever Give Me? — Shnorrer begs for donations

Never Look, Oy Vey! — Jewish newspaper prints women’s pictures

A Quiet Palace — Pharaoh’s servants drown in the Red Sea

Mary Queen of Scotch — Sisterhood president starts kiddush club

Ready Prayer One — Rabbi cues cantor to start services

Soloveitchik: A Star Wars Story — Meir Soloveitchik vies with Arthur Schneier to see who can bring more celebrities to their synagogue