Broadway Shows To See This Purim


Beatlejews — Miami Boys Choir sings the Fab Four

Harry Potty and the Cursed Child — Baby suffers from diarrhea

Dear Ivant Handsome —Jewish girl
describes her dream husband

Kiss My Case —Tales of a talking mezuzah

The Ko-Cher Show — Jewish food expo

Kinky Books — “Kosher Sex” and its sequel, “Kosher Cigarettes”

King Leer — Trump accused
of illicit affairs

All My Sins — Bill Cosby’s life story

What the Constipation Means to Me — Passover hotel guests kvetch in the lobby

To Fill a Mockingbird — Stuffing
a  Thanksgiving delicacy

Nitwork — Yeshiva kids are examined for lice

Petty Woman — Jewish wife nags endlessly

Jean Girls — Bais Yaakov students are caught wearing pants

Be More Chullent — Harlem synagogue runs out of kiddush

King Kahn — Jewish emperor invades Starship Enterprise

The Prompt —Yekkies show up exactly on time

Haredistown — Ultra-orthodox in Mea Shearim

My Fair Ladle — Mother stirs her pot of chicken soup

Burn These — Jewish women reject Indian-hair wigs