How to Convert Your Yard Into A Beautiful Lawn


Sorry to say, but I would call it a sin if you have a yard in your house without a lawn. Many people can only wish for space where they can create a garden. A well-maintained lawn brings more beauty to the house than most expensive interior designs. Make sure you design a lawn even if you have a small space to manage it. Here I have shared how you can convert a boring yard into a beautiful garden.

Decide the Lawn Type

Yes, there are different types of lawns. Each lawn is fit for a particular use, climate, and soil type. For example, Emerald Kikuyu is a type of lawn that is best suited for temperatures between 15 to 40°C. You may have to check your soil type to understand what plants may or may not grow here.

Draw Your Imagination on a page

Once you decide a lawn type, it’s time to go wild with your imagination. Instead of browsing the internet for lawn ideas, close your eyes and visualize what your heart wants. Make a rough sketch of how you want your lawn. Next step would be to implement that drawing in the best way possible.

Add Seating Areas

Why make a lawn if you can’t even spend time there. Not everyone likes to sit on the grass. To make your lawn family friendly and add more beauty to it, decide one or more seating areas. You don’t have to buy chairs and table set for the lawn. Just a slab or wood bench would be more than enough.

Adjust a Natural Water Feature

Even a small water feature would make anyone fall in love with your lawn. It may sound expensive, but it’s not if you do it yourself. Don’t buy a readymade fountain. Bring out your imagination, use rocks, and combine them with a water source. That’s all it takes.

Create an Attractive Walkway

A walkway not only makes it easy to walk but it also adds beauty and diversity to your lawn. Instead of a straight pathway of dead grass, add a little effort to it. Draw curvy edges for the walkway and any other places where you may have used linings. Add some stepping stones, crushed stones, or decorative bricks to create a beautiful walkway.

Cover Entire Area with Grass

Other than the walkway, make sure every other part of the lawn is filled with greenery. For that, cover the entire garden with grass. Lawn grass will occasionally need maintenance. You can use artificial grass, but what’s the point of natural lawn then? Besides, you won’t be able to grow plants on it. It is recommended to use natural grass and acquire the help of Lawn Love every time you need lawn mowing services.

Light the Focal Points

Your beautiful lawn may look a bit scary at night. You can make it even more beautiful at night by illuminating walkways and focal points. Use landscape lights and lampposts at a distance that brightens the entire lawn. These lights don’t have to be in a straight line. Use them randomly or at different places for an artistic touch.

Bring Some Potted Plants

You can also use potted plans to add more attraction to your lawn. You can get pots in different colors and set them anywhere you want. Potted plants can also be adjusted on places where the ground is hard. For examples, arrange the pots in line from the door to the entrance of your lawn. Same pots can be used indoors too. Blend your garden with different colors and sizes instead of getting one type of plants. Add flowers and trees. Most important of all, don’t forget the aromatic plants.