Open Attack On Democrats


As with numerous previous articles, I find that Jonathan Tobin often begins with a position I agree with, but then, as in his Aug. 23 column (“The Price Israel Will Pay For Banning Tlaib And Omar”), he gives it a strong political spin. It turns into an open attack on the Democratic Party.

The “squad of two” now becomes representative of the Democrats. In reality they have little name recognition except when elevated as convenient agents for tarring a much larger group. But that is the downside of the First Amendment.

Tobin even drags former President Obama into the controversy of the squad’s being refused admittance into Israel. Tobin equates any criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with an abandonment of Israel.

Perhaps he is proposing a new loyalty test. Can anyone explain how Israel is safer now that Iran is no longer restrained from pursuing uranium enrichment? I found his column too political for this publication; Fox “News” might welcome him.