On Trump’s Jewish Supporters


Donald Trump’s Jewish supporters were willing to overlook all of his evil deeds and words for one reason: They erroneously claimed that he was “good for Israel” (“Standing By Their Man, Amid A Whirlwind,” Oct. 18). His abandonment of the Kurds, the staunch ally of America and the people who defeated ISIS, after a phone call with the authoritarian and religiously driven Turkish leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reveals how meaningless his statements about Israel are.

Israel will soon be more vulnerable to attacks from Iran’s allies in Syria and Lebanon. And Saudi Arabia is now moving to seek accommodations with Iran after Trump failed to deter or respond to Iran’s effective attacks on the Saudi oil industry.

If this transactional president can abandon the Kurds and Saudis (who spend billions on American weapons), does anyone really believe that he will stand with Israel (to which the U.S. gives billions of dollars each year) if God forbid it needs American assistance? Time to wake up.