Rebecca Wenner Litt, 34


What you do:

I’m currently senior director of video at theSkimm. I oversee the production, strategy and distribution of all video content. TheSkimm’s mission is to make it easier to live smarter and the video we produce at Skimm Studios is directly aligned with that mission. We are nonpartisan — we give people the information and the tools to make decisions for themselves. We also produce videos on career, health and personal finance, profiling the real stories of women. This past year I joined the Anti-Defamation League’s Glass Leadership Institute and look forward to becoming more involved in this incredible organization to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment for all groups. 

Unexpected fun fact:

My favorite hobby is golf!

How does your Jewish identity/Jewish values influence the work that you do?

My great-grandfather, Mordechai Kaplan, founded Reconstructionism, so I’ve always been drawn to this modern Jewish philosophy and point of view. I’m very proud of the fact that he pioneered the bat mitzvah and that my great aunt was the first woman to be a bat mitzvah.

Even though I grew up in a Jewish household, I attended National Cathedral School, an Episcopalian girls school. At an early age, I didn’t always want my role to be the de-facto Jewish ambassador; telling my peers about Jewish traditions, culture and perspectives. However, I would tell the story of Chanukah at chapel, and have friends over every Friday for Shabbat. Being in this position actually ended up strengthening my connection to the Jewish community and I have continued that role in my adult life. I feel lucky to have had exposure to both religions and think it’s more important to be able to bridge the gap between different groups.

Professionally, I have spent the past 12 years working in media at organizations such as NY1, “Good Morning America,” Condé Nast, Who What Wear and theSkimm. During this time I have made sure to be that same advocate in terms of coverage and point of view. The most important responsibility we have as journalists and content creators is empowering people with knowledge to form their own perspectives.

What Jewish source, person, book, etc., has inspired your work?

Over the past few years, I’ve become very involved with reality Israel. I was a participant on the Storytellers fellowship trip in 2018 and in 2019 I was asked to be a facilitator on the trip. Both were such transformative experiences for me as I truly learned what it means to lead from behind and how to build and maintain a diverse community.