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More than 400 rockets hit southern Israel in less than 24 hours, 1 person killed

More than 400 rockets hit southern Israel in less than 24 hours, 1 person killed

Israel has responded by hitting some 150 targets associated with the terror organizations Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

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United States



When America doubted my Jewish grandmother’s loyalty

In 1948, false accusations spurred by xenophobic paranoia turned my grandparents' lives upside down, a Houston rabbi writes.

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Life & Culture

Roger Waters

Roger Waters’ anti-Israel message ignites ‘wish you weren’t here’ campaign by Latin American Jews

One organization called on the tour's corporate sponsors to withdraw their support.

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Israel & Middle East

More than 300 rockets from Gaza rain down on southern Israel, hitting a bus and homes

A 19-year-old man standing next to the bus was seriously injured.

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Is Spain really ready to become a haven for people with Jewish roots?

Growing racism is driving Latinos to seek Spanish passports under a 2015 law concerning Sephardim, The New York Times reports. But it's a society where anti-Semitism seems rife.

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