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  • In Hungarian 9/11 ceremony, a borderless truth

    Two Hungarian firefighters participate in the Budapest ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. (Alex Weisler) What is it about anniversaries, anyway? I haven’t thought about 9/11 in a deep way for years, but in the last few days I’ve been gripped by an intense need to process and reflect….

  • For young European Jews, a week of unity, partying and romance

    In a week of parties by the beach, the European Union of Jewish Students promotes Jewish unity and romance.

  • The right of return

    My mother is the kind of Jew who’s always on the lookout for someone’s hidden Jewish roots. When she found out years ago that Ben Affleck’s middle name is Geza, she briefly claimed him as one of the tribe. Meeting my friend and I for a pint at a Penn State bar on the eve…

  • Brandeis Europe?

    Eveline Goodman-Thau speaks about the role of women in Judaism to a group of about 25 European Jews at an annual students’ conference, held this year in Greece. (Alex Weisler) For the last 10 years, Eveline Goodman-Thau has had a complex goal in mind: a multinational, pan-European graduate school dedicated to the intersection between religion…

  • Beach Party 101

    Hundreds of tanned young Jews dancing to LMFAO’s "Party Rock Anthem" is enough to make you forget — at least momentarily — about the stew of pressures facing European Jewry. If you watch the line of ten men and women lock arms and begin a raucous quasi-hora to the bouzoukia tune being played by an…

  • Conference for art mavens reflects European Jewry’s niche-appeal trend

    A recent conference for Jewish cultural leaders in Avignon, France, reflects an increasing tendency in European Jewish life to focus on niche appeals.

  • With $52M investment, German city banks future on unearthing Jewish past

    Officials in the Germany city of Cologne are hoping that a major excavation project under way to unearth the city’s medieval Jewish quarter will bring in the tourists.

  • French Jewry rethinks its JCCs, with a focus on culture over ‘community’

    France’s Jewish community centers — or “centres communautaires,” as they are known — are struggling with the perception that the word “community” conveys an un-French sense of separatism.

  • Fighting back in Norway

    I wish I were here under happier circumstances, because I’m falling in love with Oslo. The city — wooded, hilly and unpretentious — is exactly how I’ve always imagined the Pacific Northwest. There’s a calmness here, a down-to-earth quality. And in the aftermath of Friday’s incomprehensible tragedy at a downtown government building and a nearby…

  • As Norway’s Jews mourn, concern about muting of pro-Israel voices

    Even as they mourn along with their fellow countrymen, some Norwegian Jews are quietly expressing concern that the attack by a right-wing xenophobe who apparently sympathized with Israel may further mute pro-Israel voices in Norway, where anti-Zionist sentiment already runs strong. JTA’s Alex Weisler reports from Oslo.