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  • Saint Bernard

    As far as he knows, Bernard Koch is the only French Jew to have worked for a mosque. During my research into French Jewish life to prepare for this reporting project, Koch’s name kept cropping up as someone who had made a career of working to break down barriers. I had to meet this guy….

  • In Dutch shechitah ban, Jews see a sign they are unwanted

    What put shechitah, or kosher slaughter, in the crosshairs in Holland was an unlikely convergence between animal rights activists and the country’s far-right, anti-Muslim movement.

  • Moscow rabbi taking reins of European rabbis’ group

    The chief rabbi of Moscow will succeed the former chief rabbi of France as head of the Conference of European Rabbis.

  • Billionaire Mashkevich quits Euro-Asian Jewish Congress presidency

    Israeli-Kazakh billionaire Alexander Mashkevich has resigned as president of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, a spokesman confirmed to JTA.

  • New in town

    The task at hand is simple but important. Dig deeper. Look for nuance. Write about what’s changing, growing, new. My goal during six months of reporting on Jewish Europe — kicking off with my arrival in Paris on Thursday morning — is to challenge narratives of European Jewish life that focus exclusively on the Holocaust…

  • H&H bagel store to close

    H&H Bagels, the no-frills bagel shop that for decades was a beloved fixture of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, is reportedly closing its doors.

  • In N.Y., debate over religious exemptions at issue in gay marriage bill

    The debate in New York over including religious exemptions in a same-sex marriage bill may serve as a lesson for other states.

  • Argentine gov’t official joins campaign to expose junta’s anti-Semitic past

    An Argentine government official is joining a prominent Jewish banker to expose an anti-Semitic chapter in the country’s past with new charges against former Argentine leaders.

  • Jewish businessmen in suit against GE allege discrimination

    Two Jewish businessmen — a son and his father — have filed a lawsuit against GE Financial Services, accusing the company of racial and religious discrimination.

  • Arson attack victim files suit against Chasidic sect’s grand rabbi

    The family of a man badly burned in an alleged arson attack filed a lawsuit against the grand rabbi of the Chasidic village of New Square, N.Y.