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  • To fight anti-Semitism, first you have to define it

    (JTA) — In recent years we have witnessed anti-Israel demonstrations that have turned overtly anti-Semitic and even violent, but police ignored initially as only political activity. We have seen prosecutors and judges rule that an arson attack on a synagogue is not anti-Semitic because the perpetrator was motivated by anti-Israel sentiments. And we have been…

  • Op-Ed: For Carmen, preserve Jewish heritage in Egypt

    If we redouble our efforts to preserve and protect the Jewish heritage of Egypt, it will be a blessing for Carmen Weinstein, the late head of the country’s Jewish community who toiled in that effort, an American Jewish Committee official writes.

  • Op-Ed: Lithuania must finish its work in confronting Holocaust past

    Lithuania’s Parliament has declared 2011 a Year of Commemoration to Victims of the Holocaust. At long last, this is the year for Lithuania to join the list of nations that have come to terms with their Holocaust-era past, writes Rabbi Andrew Baker of the American Jewish Committee.

  • Op-Ed: Honor Holocaust victims by preserving their mass graves

    An American Jewish Committee official writes of an international coalition undertaking the vital task of ensuring that long-ignored mass graves of Holocaust shooting victims in the former Soviet Union are preserved and protected, and the victims are remembered.