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  • French Jews: Vote against Le Pen

    Jean-Marie Le Pen has already been crowned the latest symbol of voter alienation in Europe, but France´s beleaguered Jewish community wants to ensure Le Pen never makes it to the country´s presidential palace.

  • French election filled with irony

    The strong showing of far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen in the first round of France´s presidential elections holds some bitter ironies for the nation´s Jews.

  • Jewish issue central in French election

    With the first round of presidential elections set to begin Sunday, Jewish issues have been thrust into a prominent role on the French political stage.

  • Weekend of anti-Semitism in France

    A fresh outburst of anti-Semitic violence throughout France has Jewish leaders fearing the return of Kristallnacht. The reference to the horrors of Nazi Germany, issued by French Jewish leader Jean Kahn, hit the French dailies Monday morning following a w

  • French Jews mum on Peres visit

    Given the spate of anti-Jewish attacks linked to the Palestinian intifada, French Jewish leaders were surprisingly quiet about Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres´ comments on his recent visit to France.

  • French Jews want anti-Semitism on table

    With presidential elections approaching — and with the addition of the far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen to the race — French Jewish leaders see an opportunity to air their grievances with a government they believe has waffled in its response to ant

  • French Jews fed up with anti-Semitism

    Jews in the Paris region have stepped up their drive against a wave of anti-Semitic aggression that many feel has reached epidemic proportions.

  • Israel woos French Jewish emigres

    Israeli officials are reacting to increased anti-Semitic violence in France with harsh words and financial incentives aimed at increasing immigration to the Jewish state.

  • French encyclopedia drops Holocaust denier

    French Jews have won an important victory in their struggle against Holocaust deniers.

  • France confronts rise in anti-Semitism

    After more than a year of rising anti-Semitism, France´s prime minister, Lionel Jospin, may be ready to address the issue.