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  • British burial practices questioned

    Britain’s Orthodox chief rabbi has called for an end to some post-mortem procedures after it was revealed that a Jewish man was buried without his brain — unbeknownst to his family and contrary to Jewish law. A recent report has disclosed that brains from

  • British Jews warned about Islamists

    The discovery that the suicide bomber who killed three people in a Tel Aviv pub this week was British hasn’t surprised either Jewish community or government security sources.

  • Prince Charles goes to synagogue

    Traditionally, the British monarch is known as “Defender of the Faith” — referring to his or her role as head of the Anglican Church of England. Prince Charles, however, has described himself as “Defender of the Faiths,” and

  • British Jews worry about far right

    Until recently, Britain was one of the few countries in Europe without a significant far-right movement. But now, the British National Party has 218 candidates up for municipal elections. Jewish officials say the BNP is run by people who have made virulen