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  • Touro gets $10 million gift

    The chairman of Touro College’s board is giving the school $10 million.

  • Egyptian Jews look back with anger, love

    Hundreds of Jews were imprisoned and expelled from Egypt after the Suez War. Fifty years later they look back with a mixture of regret and longing.

  • Few Egpytian Jews left proud but cautious

    The fewer than 100 Jews who remain in Egypt today are well integrated into society and consider themselves fully Egyptian — but there clearly are tensions that go along with being Jewish in an Arab country that has fought four major wars with Israel.

  • Effort launched for Jewish refugees

    More than 30 representatives from 10 countries convened in Jerusalem to educate the public about the heritage and rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, register their stories and document their personal and communal losses.

  • Marking Rosh Hashanah in Egypt

    Once a vibrant center of Jewish life, Egypt’s Jewish community now numbers fewer than 100. Those who remain have vivid memories of the Jewish past, but they say there is no future for the Jewish community.

  • Postwar, Israel’s economy is OK

    Israel’s war with Hezbollah took a significant economic toll on individuals and small businesses in the North, but the impact on the national economy has not been too bad.

  • Gay-pride showdown looms in Jerusalem

    While Israel is gearing up for a wider military offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon, another battle is coming to a head between gay-pride activists and their opponents in Jerusalem.

  • Hezbollah conflict has Israeli detractors

    Israeli opposition to the Hezbollah conflict is minimal and slow-moving — though vocal where it does exist.

  • Gay pride parade in Jerusalem delayed

    An international gay pride parade scheduled to take place next month in Jerusalem has been delayed because of recent fighting along Israel’s northern and southern borders.

  • Controversy rages ahead of gay pride march

    Rare is the event that can rally devout Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel toward a common goal. Jerusalem WorldPride 2006 is such an event — as an interfaith coalition emerges in opposition to the gay pride march.