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  • Jews from Arab countries seek restitution

    Jews who fled Arab countries around the creation of the State of Israel are preparing to launch a new campaign for restitution.

  • Gay mission visits Israel

    As part of a pioneering American initiative aimed at forging links between gay and lesbian Jews in America and their Israeli contemporaries, a group recently went on a mission to the Holy Land.

  • Tourists unfazed by Gaza pullout

    For visitors to Israel this summer, the disengagement from Gaza and parts of the West Bank is proving hard to ignore. But it hasn’t stopped tourists from all over the world from having a good time.

  • U.K. Jews troubled by Muslim attitudes

    Amid tightened security following the latest wave of attempted suicide bombings in London, British Jews are troubled both by the threat of terror and the ambivalent reaction of the United Kingdom’s Muslim leadership.

  • Report: Anti-Semitic attacks up in Britain

    An unprecedented collaboration between a British Jewish think tank and London’s Metropolitan Police has produced research that both hope can be used to develop new strategies to combat anti-Semitic crimes.

  • Britain stuck on Nazi-looted art

    A dispute over four Nazi-looted drawings currently in the British Museum is likely to lead to a change in British law to allow art stolen in World War II to be returned to its legal heirs.

  • British Jews fear intolerance

    British Jewish leaders have vowed they will work to combat any rise in racial tensions following the London bombings amid fears that the attacks may lead to increased anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

  • Jews join G-8 rally

    Jewish participants in the huge rallies that preceded the G-8 summit hope their presence will highlight the Jewish community’s involvement in wider social issues.

  • Anglicans consider divestment

    Shortly after a boycott of Israeli universities by British academics was overturned, a move by the Anglican Church to discuss divestment from Israeli businesses is causing grave concern among the British Jewish community.

  • Blair may seek Mideast legacy

    British Prime Minister Tony Blair, serving his last term with a diminished majority, seems to be looking to the Israel-Palestinian conflict as a place to make his historical mark.