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  • Op-Ed: Obama speaks to our best traditions

    President Obama is the candidate of American Jews’ values and priorities, writes the president and CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

  • Op-Ed: On the ‘opposite,’ what does Romney mean?

    The National Democratic Jewish Coalition wonders what Mitt Romney means when he says he will “do the opposite” of President Obama on Israel.

  • Op-Ed: Cantor’s foreign aid ‘gimmick’ is dangerous

    A policy proffered by Republican Rep. Eric Cantor to sever aid to Israel from the larger foreign aid budget is terribly wrong — there are good reasons why it has been opposed strongly by the organized pro-Israel community in Washington for so long, writes the president of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

  • Poland’s tragedy is our tragedy

    The Jewish community lost several friends when the plane carrying Polish political, economic and military leaders crashed near Katyn. David Harris of the American Jewish Committee offers remembrances of three of them.

  • What does it mean to be Jewish?

    For one Jewish leader, being Jewish means helping to repair the world — and not losing hope in dark times.