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  • Young activists learned the wrong lessons from the Oslo Accords

    LAS VEGAS (JTA) — This summer, America’s Jewish youth rebelled. Or at least a very small minority of them did. But through orchestrated stunts and aggressive marketing, they garnered the headlines they sought. These youth are demanding that Israel end its “occupation,” presumably of the West Bank. They are targeting pro-Israel organizations they deem to…

  • Op-Ed: J Street’s wrong turn

    The executive director of Christians United for Israel says his organization has been the target of unfair attacks by J Street, adding that such tactics raise questions about the group’s stated commitment to widening the pro-Israel tent.

  • Christian conference on Israel good for Jews

    Large gatherings of zealous Christians have not always been good for the Jews. But this month, there will be a Christian conference which is very good news for Jews and Zionists, writes David Brog.