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  • ‘Radical inclusion’ of interfaith families is the best response to Michael Chabon

    (JTA) — In an essay for JTA on Michael Chabon’s intermarriage views, Sylvia Barack Fishman, Steven M. Cohen and Jack Wertheimer describe a “left camp” that argues for greater acceptance, welcoming and inclusion of the intermarried and their family members, and a “Jewish right” that argues for holding on to distinctions between the inmarried and…

  • Op-Ed: What Israelis need to know about intermarriage in North America

    The CEO of writes that helping Israelis to learn not to think and talk about intermarriage as the equivalent of assimilation will contribute to increased Jewish identity and connection among intermarried families — something that is of vital interest to the Jewish communities of both North America and Israel.

  • The High Holidays through interfaith eyes

    Edmund C. Case, the head of, shares his personal experience in making the High Holiday observances an experience that an interfaith home can benefit from and fully enjoy.