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  • Swiss shul edgy over fire probe

    After backing off their initial claims that a fire at Geneva’s largest synagogue was set deliberately, police are still investigating – and community life goes on amid the shock and tension.

  • Swiss Jews harassed

    A series of anti-Semitic incidents, coming on the heels of a stepped-up pro-Palestinian campaign on campuses, has caused alarm in Switzerland. The Swiss government is organizing a forum to address the problem.

  • Swiss blasted on ‘Geneva accord’

    Swiss legislators are accusing their government of wasting money and compromising the country´s neutrality by supporting the "Geneva accord," but Swiss Jews are divided on the issue.

  • Swiss raid offices of Hamas-linked group

    Swiss police have raided the branch office of a pro-Palestinian organization known for its support of terror attacks against Israeli civilians and its boasts of a close relationship with Hamas leaders.

  • Swiss denier uniting with jihadists

    A Swiss Holocaust denier acted as a liaison between Islamic organizations and European Neo-Nazi groups, he has revealed to JTA. Albert "Ahmed" Huber, a former journalist, has recently been put on the U.N. and E.U. lists of individuals involved i

  • Swiss investigate Islamic center

    Swiss police are investigating an official in an Islamic group who is suspected of channeling money to the Al-Qaida terrorists who killed 21 people in an attack on a synagogue in Tunisia in 2002. Intelligence services have long warned that Islamic organiz

  • Swiss launch Israel boycott

    Palestinian and left-wing organizations in Switzerland have launched a boycott of Israeli consumer goods and Israeli-owned businesses to protest Israeli policy toward Palestinians.

  • Swiss leader backtracks on vow to help survivors

    The president of Switzerland has backtracked on a vow to help Holocaust survivors made by a predecessor, claiming it would not be legally possible.

  • Swiss keep kosher slaughter ban

    Switzerland has decided not to ease a ban on kosher slaughter, but it will guarantee the continued import of kosher meat.

  • Swiss group wants to bar kosher slaughter

    Switzerland´s Jewish community is gearing up for a fight with an animal rights group that wants to bar Jewish ritual slaughter.