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  • Hezbollah in identity crisis

    On the eve of Lebanese elections, Hezbollah faces a choice between remaining an independent militia — facing increasing calls to disarm — or becoming a legitimate political party.

  • Seeking peace in bilingual school

    A binational school in Israel’s Galilee seeks to foster coexistence by teaching students in both Arabic and Hebrew and stressing both Arab and Jewish narratives of the history of Israel.

  • Israel assesses Syria’s Lebanon withdrawal

    Public opinion and international forced Syria out of Lebanon, but it’s hard to predict just how its pullout will affect Israel and the rest of the region.

  • Hamas’ role growing

    Hamas, the Muslim fundamentalist movement and terrorist organization, may soon become a decisive force not only in the struggle against Israel but in the Palestinian political establishment.

  • Abbas tries to prove his strength

    Four months after he was elected president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas is fighting for his political life — and possibly for the survival of the peace process.

  • Druse riot against Christian neighbors

    Recent riots by Druse youth against their Christian neighbors in a Galilee village have exposed rifts among minority communities in Israel.

  • Palestinian media loosening up

    The Palestinian press is undergoing a transformation, gradually departing from its traditional role as a mouthpiece for the government and experiencing the beginnings of freedom.

  • Palestinian anti-Semitism poses danger

    It’s no secret that media in the Palestinian Authority, as in much of the Muslim world, present depictions of Jews that would not have been out of place in the most anti-Semitic of Nazi publications. But are such depictions laying the groundwork for genoc

  • Fear and loathing in Sderot

    Residents in the Negev town of Sderot are torn between the natural need to get on with their lives and the painful fact that they’re the prime target for Palestinian rockets fired from the neighboring Gaza Strip.

  • Abbas seeks broader Arab support

    Five weeks before the Palestinian Authority presidential elections, front-runner Mahmoud Abbas took a campaign swing through the Arab world, working hard to establish himself as the inevitable new Palestinian leader.