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  • Language institute helping Ladino

    Spanish government institute and others are helping fuel a revival in the Spanish-Judeo language of Ladino.

  • Israeli Conservative seminary closed to gays

    The Conservative movement’s seminary in Jerusalem announced that it would not change admissions policies to admit gay and lesbian students.

  • Jewish student’s death reopened

    A British Jewish student who was thought to have committed suicide in Germany may have been beaten to death in an anti-Semitic attack.

  • Blood libel persists in Spain

    Many people in a Spanish town not far from the capital consider a medieval blood libel incorporated into a local festival to be the literal truth.

  • Making matzah in September in Spain

    To celebrate European Jewish Heritage Day, kids in Toledo, Spain attended a matzah-baking class — although Passover is half a year away.

  • Spanish leader leads anti-Israel chorus

    Spain’s prime minister, who recently was photographed in a Palestinian kaffiyeh, has led criticism of Israel that is unusually fierce even by European standards.

  • Spain, Israel mark ties, differences

    As Spain and Israel mark 20 years of diplomatic relations with Israel, their differences on Mideast policy remain profound.

  • Spanish church reaches out to Jews

    Four decades after the Vatican opened the door to contact with Judaism, Madrid’s archbishop set foot in the city’s main synagogue for the first time. His visit comes as the Catholic church in Spain is trying to gain allies in its conflicts with Prime Mini

  • Spanish party: Downgrade Israel ties

    A Spanish political party’s appeal for Europe to downgrade its ties with Jerusalem has angered Israel, which anticipated improved diplomatic treatment after the recent Gaza Strip withdrawal.

  • Spanish police searching for ex-Nazi

    A Spanish police unit is searching for one of the most-wanted Nazi war criminals.