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  • Don’t destroy the two-state solution

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Several recent political measures in Israel — including announcements by Israel’s parliament, attorney general and ruling party — have significantly begun to undermine the possibility of achieving a two-state solution. Let me be clear: When discussing why the peace process has been stalled for so many years, one has to begin with…

  • The Abbas approach explains the failure to make peace

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ statement before the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday revived old hatreds more than it broke new ground. It was little more than a rote diatribe against Israel and a call for international pressure to coerce the Jewish state in place of the hard give and…

  • Op-Ed: On the streets of Paris, ADL chief spots yarmulkes, senses fear

    In some ways, Paris feels as cosmopolitan and safe for Jews as the Upper West Side of Manhattan. And yet there is a general sense of foreboding.

  • Op-Ed: Lobby hard on Iran deal, but ditch the stereotypes

    Debate the Iran nuclear deal on the facts without engaging in personal attacks on the intent or character of our leaders, the national director of the ADL writes.