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  • The Conservative movement can, and should, welcome the intermarried

    (JTA) — Contemporary Jewish life is graced by extraordinary blessing: We are the heirs of a Torah of compassion and justice that has grown ever more supple and vibrant because of the dynamic nature of halachah (Jewish law) and the opportunity to observe mitzvot (commandments). At the same time, modernity has removed barriers of discrimination…

  • Op-Ed: On the rights of non-Orthodox rabbis, where’s the outrage?

    Speak out for non-Orthodox rabbis like you did for Rabbi Avi Weiss, writes the executive vice president of the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly.

  • Op-Ed: Israel-Diaspora relations: a new equation

    The executive vice president of the international association of Conservative rabbis says Diaspora Jewry has derived a new axiom: ISRAEL’S FUTURE = SECURITY + RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.