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  • Trump can build trust and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians — if he wants

    (JTA) — This week’s escalation of violence emanating from the Gaza Strip serves as a depressing reminder that the Middle East lacks a peace process and shows the hopelessness of the situation in Gaza. It also reinforces the sinking feeling that the United States is no longer interested in or able to be an “honest…

  • Why progressive Jews mustn’t give up on Zionism

    NEW YORK (JTA) — As progressive American Zionists, we take seriously the critique of Israel and Zionism by professors Hasia Diner and Marjorie N. Feld, contained in their Aug. 1 Haaretz article, “We’re American Jewish Historians. This is why we’ve left Zionism behind.” However, unlike them, we affirm progressive Zionist values. And those values mandate activism in…