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  • Seeing money in the rebbe

    A woman is trying to sell the late Bobover rebbe’s eyeglasses for $350,000.

  • Teens in D.C. for lobbying lessons

    Some 300 Jewish high school students are in Washington to learn to lobby.

  • Venezuela Jews assessing options

    With Hugo Chavez laying the groundwork for authoritarian rule, Venezuela’s Jews are fearful for the future in a country with an increasingly grim political prognosis, economic instability and warm ties with the regime in Tehran.

  • Arafat tomb being overhauled

    Yasser Arafat’s tomb is undergoing an overhaul.

  • Israel curbs public smoking

    Israel moved to better enforce a ban on smoking in public places.

  • Lien issued on Reb Nachman’s grave

    Breslov Chasidim could lose control of the land surrounding their founder’s grave in Ukraine.

  • Is S. America a terrorist incubator?

    The palm-fringed islands off the Caribbean coast may not look dangerous, but some Israelis say they are becoming hotbeds of support for terrorism.

  • Stability, not democracy, in Tunisia

    Distinct from many of its neighbors in the Arab world, Tunisia safeguards its 1,500 Jews, foots the bill to restore old synagogues and even welcomes Israeli tourists. It also struggles to keep out Islamic terrorists.

  • Trinidad’s Jews stick together

    With just 55 Jews left, Trinidad’s Jews are doing what they can to keep the community together and encourage their country’s support for Israel.

  • Charter school’s Hebrew plan approved

    The Ben Gamla Charter School has received permission to move ahead with its Hebrew classes. Now it can start addressing its other challenges – like how to get the air conditioning working.