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  • ScarJo, you’re worth every penny!

      Guess who’s getting paid a whole bunch of money — $20 million — to play rough with all those superheros in the Avengers sequel? That’s more than any actress. EVER!

  • Mad Men recap (’At the Codfish Ball’): Abe moves in with Peggy and her ham

    Admit it. Between this post and this post you probably figured I had squeezed every last drop of Jewce out of last week’s episode, “Far Away Places.” But I actually decided to leave something out — Ginsberg’s pathetically transparent declaration that he loves the clams at Howard Johonson’s. I say pathetically transparent because Don saw right through it,…

  • King of the Hebrew: Shaq or Amar’e?

    Lashon Holly is back… and with a Poll of the Week packed into The Weekly Sizzle! Shaq vs. Amar’e… bring it. Watch the video and vote – who speaks better Hebrew? [polldaddy poll=6091413]

  • Poll of the Week: Which “Seinfeld” character could help the Israelis and Palestinians make peace?

    Jason Alexander aka George Costanza met in Jerusalem this week with Israeli President Shimon Peres (he also visited with Palestinian officials in Ramalah). Alexander was representing the organization OneVoice, which seeks to help reach a two-state solution by training “Israeli and Palestinian youth in leadership skills, non-violent activism, and democratic principles.”
    Here’s the official version from the president’s office:
    President Peres turned to Jason Alexander with a smile and said jockingly, please allow me to call you George. He then said: “George, on the show you and Jerry Seinfeld conduct yourselves like two different states – each of you has a differing world view and creative thoughts. What is your advice to advance the peace process in the Middle East?”
    Alexander answered the President by saying that it is correct that he and Jerry Seinfeld represent two different worlds and it is extremely difficult to have a relationship like this, but my advice to you is not to give up. Even with the disappointments it is important to continue in the difficult effort of advancing peace which is so important. I too, through comedy and humor, try to contribute my part by advancing the idea of two states for two people.
    I smell a poll… (after the jump)

  • Larry King, king of Jewish events

      Legendary TV interviewer Larry King has been lining up plenty of Jewish gigs in the past few weeks. First he appeared in a promotional video for the upcoming dinner of the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation. Then he was honored Sept. 18 at the national conference of the Jewish National Fund. And, finally, on Sept….

  • Poll of the Week: Was Jerry right to grab the marble rye?

    This week’s poll is dedicated to the memory of Frances Bay.

  • Ben & Jerry have ‘Schweddy Balls’

    The group is outraged over  Ben & Jerry’s new “Schweddy Balls” flavor. Don’t get the joke? Check out this video from Saturday Night Live: Now Lashon Holly loves Alec Baldwin and really loves a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But we know better than to mix meat and milk — so, no, we weren’t…

  • Sir Henry Winkler (but is Fonzi a Converso?)

    Mazal Tov to Henry Winkler for being made an Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. If we got this straight, he’ll be Sir Henry Winkler if he ever becomes a British citizen. The distinction has nothing to do with his on-par-with-anything-Olivier-ever-did performance as The Fonz. In fact, as Entertainment Weekly…

  • Roseanne: Israel hit the BS tipping point

    In between plugging her upcoming meditation retreat, Roseanne Barr told JTA that she was a fan of the recent protests and tent cities in Israel: “There’s always a tipping point of bullshit,” she said, “and they’ve reached it.”   Just as long as they don’t grab their privates during Hatikvah.

  • Poll of the Week: Does Eugene Levy remind you of your dad?

    Oh, Jew-Jew, thanks for that post last week about the preview for the next American Pie movie.
    Honey, you’re my muse for the weekly poll…
    (Vote after the jump)