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  • Livni to China: Get tough on Iran

    Israel’s foreign minister urged China to throw its weight behind international diplomatic pressure on Iran.

  • Third intifada’ seen unlikely

    Palestinians are unlikely to launch another coordinated terror wave if the upcoming U.S.-sponsored peace conference with Israel fails, the Shin Bet security chief said.

  • Wiesenthal Center wants Nazi singer shunned

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center called on the New York Archdiocese to distance itself from a Croatian singer it considers racist.

  • Breast cancer survivors meet in Russia

    At a Jewish-sponsored conference in Russia on breast cancer, organizers talked about how education, prevention and access to health care can help reduce the disease’s high rate in the country.

  • Bush wants $150 million cash to P.A.

    Of the more than $400 million in new money the Bush administration is requesting for the Palestinian Authority, $150 million is in direct transfers.

  • Big bat mitzvah spender arrested

    The business owner who spent more than $8 million on his daughter’s bat mitzvah was arrested.

  • Israeli soldier killed in Gaza

    An Israeli soldier was killed during an army operation in the Gaza Strip.

  • Giuliani cites Israel to evangelicals

    Rudy Giuliani cited his love for Israel and the Jewish roots of Christianity in appealing to evangelical Christians.

  • Skinhead attacks in Moscow

    Two skinhead attacks in southern Moscow left one man dead and two severely wounded.

  • Olmert raps P.A. over ‘plot

    Israel and the Palestinian Authority traded barbs over an alleged plot to assassinate Ehud Olmert.