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  • Japanese center illuminates the Holocaust

    About an hour north of Hiroshima, where the world’s first atomic bombing incinerated an entire city, a Japanese educational center teaches about another holocaust half a world away.

  • Young Jews to pledge genocide fight

    Young Jews will pledge to fight all genocide during a Yom Hashoah gathering at Auschwitz.

  • Boosting Israel-Japan trade

    Japan and Israel are seeking to establish a framework for joint research and development in civilian and defense areas where they have similar needs, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on a visit to Tokyo.

  • U.S. official cites Hamas buildup

    Iran has boosted Palestinian militias under Hamas, a U.S. official was quoted as saying.

  • Leaders sign immigration letter

    More than 30 U.S. Jewish leaders signed a letter urging the Congress to work on immigration reform and counter anti-immigration bigotry.

  • Palestinian gunman killed

    Israeli troops killed a Palestinian gunman in the West Bank.

  • Report: Russia cutting Iranian fuel

    Russia reportedly is refusing to supply an Iranian plant with nuclear fuel until Iran complies with international demands for nuclear transparency.

  • Holocaust denier lectures in Budapest

    Holocaust denier David Irving spoke to an audience of some 250 people in Budapest.

  • House letter urges E.U. on P.A.

    A congressional letter urging the European Union to maintain its isolation of the Palestinian Authority garnered signatures from more than half of the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • Study: 30 percent of French racist

    Some 30 percent of French citizens hold are racist, a new study concluded.