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  • Op-Ed: Why the European Parliament does matter

    On the issue of ritual slaughter, or schechita, two broad blocs in the European Parliament supported the Jewish community, but the rights of religious minorities are not a priority for many of the fringe groups that gained strength in the body’s elections, writes an official of the Conference of European Rabbis.

  • WJC leaders win strong backing

    Delegates to a World Jewish Congress plenary assembly in Brussels have given almost unanimous backing to the organization’s leadership, a possible turning point following bitter accusations of financial mismanagement.

  • France may ban Hezbollah station

    Shortly after Hezbollah’s TV station promised France that it would desist from anti-Israel and anti-Jewish programming, the station overstepped the mark once more leading to an appeal by the CSA broadcasting authority to allow it to ban the network.

  • Europe pressing for Mideast role

    Yasser Arafat´s demise provides just the opportunity the Europeans have been looking for to push for Mideast peace.

  • French group allies with AJCongress

    A French Jewish group is critical of the community’s traditional leadership for what it says is their soft reaction to anti-Semitism in France — and a U.S. Jewish group is giving the upstart organization big bucks.

  • 411966

    French Jewish students withdrew the images of Jesus and Mary from ads against anti-Semitism. The images, which were portrayed above the French phrase for “Dirty Jew,” proved too much to bear for Catholics and some Jews.

  • Belgium examines its WWII record

    A Belgian government office is examining wartime government files as the country takes a look into its responsibility in the deportation of nearly half its Jewish population during the Nazi occupation.

  • Czech chosen for key E.U. post

    The ascension of a Czech ex-diplomat to one of the key E.U. posts affecting relations with Israel is raising hopes for better relations between the European body and the Jewish state.

  • French politico: Gas chambers debatable

    Jean-Marie Le Pen’s likely successor as head of the far-right National Front party stirs controversy, saying that the existence of Nazi gas chambers is a matter of legitimate debate for historians.

  • Promoting Arab Jewish refugees

    A French group is working to raise awareness about some 900,000 Jews who left Arab countries from 1948 onwards. Its founder says he is hoping to arm Israel to respond once the Palestinian refugee issue again arises.