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  • French heroes helped Jews survive

    As the Germans and the collaborationist French Vichy government gradually moved Jews into death camps, ordinary French citizens stepped up to help the Jews avoid capture. One French village, Festalemps, is remembering both the Jews who never returned and

  • French leader: Jews still feel secure

    In a wide-ranging interview, French Jewish leader Roger Cukierman discusses the reasons for a recent spate of attacks on French Jews, and the French government’s response to it. He also skewers a recent poll that found that a quarter of French Jews

  • French Jews fear more attacks

    France isn’t part of the U.S.-led war against Iraq, but French Jews already are feeling the war’s effects — in the form of anti-Semitic attacks.

  • French Jews beaten in Paris

    Two French Jews from a Zionist youth group, are recovering after anti-war protesters attacked them in Paris. According to a camera crew that was interviewing one of the Jews just before the attack, the assailants were members of the Action Committee for P

  • European Catholics, Jews laud better ties

    An interfaith conference of European Catholics and Jews this week demonstrated how much relations between the two groups have improved — but how much they differ on issues such as a possible war against Iraq.

  • France takes on school racism

    The case of a French Jewish child who has been subject to anti-Semitism is symptomatic of a problem that has led the French government to launch a program addressing anti-Semitism in the country´s schools.

  • German, French Jews divided on war in Iraq

    While opposition to a U.S.-led war on Iraq is widespread in France and Germany, Jewish leaders in the two countries have bucked the trend by coming out in favor of an attack. Among the Jewish rank-and-file, however, support is less clear.

  • Mecca Cola does battle with Israel

    Since last September, more than 3 million bottles of Mecca Cola have been produced in a little bottling and manufacturing plant in the Paris suburbs. Behind the red-and-black bottles that can be mistaken for Coke lies a pro-Palestinian political agenda.

  • French leader warns of anti-Semitic alliance

    The annual dinner hosted by French Jewish leaders is generally a friendly affair. That was the way it went this year — at least until a French Jewish leader caused an uproar by linking neo-Nazis, environmentalists and left-wing groups in an allianc

  • French Jews moving to Israel

    The 2,566 French immigrants to Israel last year, while hardly a tidal wave out of a French Jewish community of 500,000, are more than double the number from the previous year. The Jewish Agency is stepping up its efforts to stoke this trend.