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  • Does German magnate have dirty past?

    A Dutch Jewish journalist who made his name by exposing the Nazi past of a Dutch art collector now is stalking new prey — high-profile German businessman Otto Beisheim.

  • Palestinians take the stage at The Hague

    As the International Court of Justice at The Hague opened its hearings on Israel´s West Bank security barrier, the Palestinians argued their case, saying that the fence violates international and humanitarian law.

  • Anti-Semitism up in Holland

    A new report points to a rise in anti-Semitism in Holland, but Dutch Jews who consider the study flawed aren´t taking the results seriously.

  • Dutch Jewish newspaper struggles

    Dwindling readership is threatening the last Jewish weekly newspaper left in the Netherlands — no small feat considering the paper´s long fight to stay in print. Two weeks after the Netherlands was liberated in 1945, survivors of the once-larg

  • Did Jewish vote help Belgian rightists?

    A right-wing extremist party continues to gain votes in Belgian elections — and this time, observers believe, part of the reason may be the support of Chasidic Jews.

  • Dutch Muslim charity outlawed

    An Islamic charity in Holland has been outlawed and its moneys frozen after Dutch intelligence concluded its funds are used to finance Hamas terrorism.